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Barrier Creams vs Dermalex

Dermalex is the first effective self-treatment for Ezcema.

Barrier Creams vs Dermalex

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Tried multiple moisturising and steroid creams and still battling with symptoms of Eczema?

The traditional treatment for eczema included the use of a cosmetic moisturising creams and cortisone creams. Together, these creams reduced inflammation and moisturised the skin. Unfortunately, the effect of these creams cannot always be maintained.


Cortisone creams can only be used for short periods of time as they often cause long term side effects such as skin thinning, and so as a result they are often only used to treat flare-ups. Moisturising creams treat the symptoms of dryness and itchiness and can be used frequently with no side effects, time or quantity limitations but they unfortunately do not treat the main symptom of Eczema; inflammation.


Skin barrier creams, a newly developed type of emollient cream not only moisturises the skin but keeps the skin barrier intact, protecting it from irritants or allergens. Barrier creams target skin dehydration and treat the skin’s itchiness, dryness and burning sensations. They perform this function by replacing the skin’s essential skin components like ceramides, free fatty acids and cholesterol.  Unfortunately some barrier creams contain salicylic acid which slots off dry, bumpy skin. This effect may result in skin thinning.  These barrier creams are used in conjunction with cortisone creams.

So what do you do between flare ups when you can’t use cortisone creams? How do you maintain the effect of reduced inflammation and moisturisation of the skin?

Dermalex is the first effective self-treatment for Ezcema, without prescription, without cortisone and without side effects.

It is a topical barrier damage repair cream that not only moisturises the skin by replenishing the missing ceramides and creating a barrier against toxins and undesirable microorganisms, but also activates the skin’s own repair mechanisms reducing inflammation.  Dermalex targets the symptoms of eczema; reducing inflammation and moisturising the skin.

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