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Hereditary Eczema or Eczema caused by an allergic reaction

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Is my eczema hereditary (Atopic Eczema) or is it caused by an allergic reaction (Contact Eczema)?

We completely understand that having eczema or having a child with eczema can add extra stress to your daily life and can be such a lonely place. That is why we would like to give you the best possible information on your skin condition. If you are a concerned family member wanting to understand more about the condition or are a personal eczema sufferer we are here to lend a hand and offer you the best advice and eczema product solutions for your skin.

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Barrier Creams vs Dermalex

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Tried multiple moisturising and steroid creams and still battling with symptoms of Eczema?

The traditional treatment for eczema included the use of a cosmetic moisturising creams and cortisone creams. Together, these creams reduced inflammation and moisturised the skin. Unfortunately, the effect of these creams cannot always be maintained.

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