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The Physiomer is a range of 100 % sea water nasal sprays or rinses that are designed to reduce the symptoms of colds and flu naturally. Physiomer is collected from Saint Malo Bay in France. It uses an innovative extraction process that allows for either an isotonic or a hypertonic salt balance, while retaining the full complement of minerals, such as calcium, potassium and magnesium in the water. Physiomer maintains a pH balance between 7.6-8.4. This ensures effective clearance of mucus from the nasal passages. Physiomer can be used daily to prevent infections or during colds and to help alleviate symptoms. Physiomer nasal sprays do not use a gas propellant and is gentle on the nasal passages when sprayed.

The minerals retained in Physiomer make a 100 % sea water nasal spray the obvious choice

CALCIUM increases the ciliary beat frequency of nasal epithelial cells (these are tiny, hair-like structures found on cells of the respiratory tract that have rhythmic waving or beating motions, helping to to keep the airways clear of mucus and dirt)

MAGNESIUM reduces the inflammatory and systemic response process

POTASSIUM promotes cell regeneration

An alkaline pH (like that of Physiomer products) further enhance the frequency of ciliary beating, resulting in an enhanced mucus removal from thee nasal passages


The range includes 3 products:

Physiomer Eucalyptus (hypertonic)

Physiomer Normal Jet (isotonic)

Physiomer Baby Mist (isotonic)

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The Physiomer range
  • Baby Mist
  • physiomer_baby

    Physiomer Baby Mist is an isotonic nasal spray designed for babies and young children (birth – 6 years). The gentle mist cleanses and moisturises your child’s nasal passages removing dust, allergens, pollution and pathogens.

    Physiomer does not make use of propellant gas, but uses a balloon mechanism to expel the liquid. This ensures that the liquid is dispersed as a gentle mist and does not damage your baby’s nasal tissue. Physiomer also uses an innovative comfort tip that safeguards your fingers from slipping during the spray action. The soft tip at the end of the nozzle ensures comfortable administration of the spray to your child’s delicate little nose.

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  • Normal Jet
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    Physiomer Normal Jet isotonic nasal spray is designed for adults over the age of 6. Like Physiomer Baby Mist, Physiomer Normal Jet cleanses and moisturises your nasal passages removing dust, allergens, pollution and pathogens. It contains a full complement of trace minerals which aid in restoring the nasal passages thereby reducing the nasal symptoms of colds and flu. Physiomer Normal Jet can be used daily to help prevent infections. This product is designed for adult use to prevent colds from developing or to relieve chronic sinusitis and dry noses. The product may also be used to cleanse the nose post-operatively.

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  • Eucalyptus
  • physiomer_eucolyptus

    Physiomer Eucalyptus is a hypertonic nasal spray that relieves nasal congestion in 3 minutes.  It reduces nasal congestion through an osmotic effect, purifying and clearing the nasal passages, removing bacteria and viruses. Physiomer Eucalyptus further contains Wild Mint extract that provides a refreshing effect, increasing the sensation of nasal airflow. The product may also be used to cleanse the nose post-operatively.

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