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Baby Bath Time

Bathing can be a glorious but challenging time for moms who have children with eczema 


You want your child to be happy and playful but their skin raw & inflamed
Here are some suggestions to help make bathing a baby with eczema easier and less painful:


It is suggested that a baby / child with eczema should never spend more than 10 minutes in the bath, as this strips away the already limited moisture in the skin.

The water should be warm, never hot

Limit the use of soap as much as possible, and rather use a soap substitute, which works just as well, even if there are no bubbles and lather.

Opt for a hypo-allergenic body wash if possible

Try and avoid scented products, as the fragrance may be an irritant

Always pat baby’s skin dry, don’t rub

**It’s will also pay to monitor detergents used on baby’s clothes, as it’s been known to cause irritation and eczema on baby skin.

Dermalex Eczema Children box & tube

Apply moisturiser (or Dermalex for Babies and Children for the best results) on damp skin, preferably within 3 minutes after bathing to lock in as much moisture as possible.

Try and do this twice daily