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Does having lice mean that you have dirty hair?

Lice infestations are found more often in girls’ hair than in boys’

Does having lice mean that you have dirty hair?

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Having head lice does not mean you have dirty hair!

Lice infestations are found in both clean and dirty hair. They are found in 1-3% of a school population and mainly infect children between the ages of 4 and 12. Lice infestations are very contagious and almost all kids have, to their parents’ horror, had lice at some point.

ParanixDid you know? Lice infestations are found more often in girls’ hair  than in boys’, and  more in Caucasian individual’s hair than African hair. This could be due to a variety of factors like hair length or hair texture.

Lice attach themselves to the hair follicles and suck human blood every 4 hours (Eeuw!). They are transferred through head to head contact or through contact with personal items like hair brushes or hats. Contrary to popularbelief, they DO NOT JUMP from person to person. Lice are incapable of jumping, swimming or flying. They crawl from head to head.

Traditional lice treatments contained harmful insecticides, but most modern OTC lice treatments no longer include these substances due to their potential to harm the infected. Lice infestations occur frequently and spread extremely fast, so it is very important to have an anti-lice partner that is 100% effective and will protect your children from current or future infestations.

LiceParents: save yourself the time effort of treating your children with a lice infection by protecting them with Paranix’s Repellent Spray.

Paranix Treatment Spray is an over the counter (OTC) lice treatment that is clinically proven to kill 100% of lice after 1 treatment (followed by thorough combing). It contains a mixture of dimethicone and mineral oils that dehydrate and suffocate the lice, immobilising them so that they can be removed with the provided lice removal comb. The mixture is environmentally safe and is safe to use on your children with no sensitisation or allergic reactions.

The Paranix Lice Repellent spray contains a gentle formulation of 20% IR3535 and plant extracts that is clinically proven to repel lice. IR3535 cannot be detected by humans, but head lice can’t stand the scent.  Paranix Repellent Spray is clinically proven to be safe for daily use and provides up to 24 hour protection. It is easy to use and is not greasy.  It is the perfect partner that will protect your children from current for future lice outbreaks.

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