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Infertility does not only affect women

35% of infertility in couples can be attributed to men.

Infertility does not only affect women

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Women are not the only ones affected by infertility!

It is a major misconception that women are to blame for infertility; 35% of infertility in couples can be attributed to men.

Male fertility testing can be a sensitive issue, and some men find it too embarrassing to go to a clinic for testing. Early identification and treatment of fertility issues may increase the likelihood of pregnancy. Testing may also spare partners unnecessary stress 2. Traditionally, male fertility tests are completed at fertility clinics. These tests often include physical exams, semen analysis and blood hormone testing.

Men remain fertile longer than women and their rate of infertility decreases more gradually (RCOG 2011, Utting and Bewley 2011)gra 1. Infertility in males is described as having a sperm count of 15 million sperm per ml semen 3. The majority of male infertility causes can be placed into two categories: functional problems (31%) and lifestyle causes (69%). These causes affect sperm quality or create semen deficiencies. It is believed that a man’s fertility reflects his overall health. The healthier the man’s lifestyle the more likely it is that he will produce healthy sperm 4. The lifestyle causes of infertility include: smoking, heavy alcohol abuse, obesity.

Home sperm/fertility tests have developed to aid in early detection of infertility. These over the counter tests do not require men to come in for tests but allow them to test themselves in the comfort of their own homes.

Predictor sperm concentration measures a sperm concentration of 15 million sperm per ml semen. This value is based on the world health organisation’s cut off point between fertility and infertility. The predictor sperm concentration test is easy to use and is very cost effective. Predictor sperm concentration test is 97% accurate in detecting male sperm count and infertility 3.

Predictor sperm concentration puts the power in your hands, enabling you to test yourself early, before potential issues arise. Predictor sperm concentration enables you to test your sperm count at the convenience of your own home without the awkward experience of going to a clinic.

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