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Oral anti-snoring spray vs mouth guards

Oral anti-snoring spray vs mouth guards

Are you using the right product to reduce your snoring?


We require 6-8 hours of sleep every night to ensure effective body and mental functions.

When we have not had enough sleep, these functions become impaired and can affect our daily lives.

In severe cases you may even develop high blood pressure, obesity, suffer from heart failure, mood disorders, impaired mental function and even strokes.

During sleep the upper respiratory muscles become relaxed and collapse inwards, narrowing the throat passage way.

This throat narrowing increases the resistance to air flow and causes the throat muscles to vibrate against each other.

These vibrations are responsible for the sound we call ‘snoring’.


There are two main types of throat anti-snoring solutions; mouth guards or oral throat sprays.


Snoring Mouth Guards

Mouth Guards/Pieces:

Mouth guards move the lower jaw forward, opening up the space at the back of the throat. This increases air flow and reduces snoring volume.


This is an effective method to reduce snoring but does not target the root cause of snoring; throat muscle collapse.


Mouth guards do not have a prolonged effect and only reduce snoring volume as long as you are wearing the guard. Although it can be reused for 6 months it can be uncomfortable to wear.


Oral Throat Sprays:

Silence Anti-Snoring Spray is an oral throat spray that is clinically proven to reduce snoring volume.


It lubricates the throat preventing the muscles from sticking together and causing the throat vibrations (which are responsible for the sound). This also moisturises the throat preventing the throat from drying out. It is a foam spray that eases swallowing and does not stimulate a gag reflex.


Silence targets the root cause of snoring; throat muscle collapse. It contains natural rosehip which increases the throat muscle strength and provides a prolonged reduction effect.

It provides a long lasting effect, ensuring that it remains active throughout the night and provides 6-8 hours of relief.