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The next generation of hay fever treatment



5 X faster than traditional hay fever tablets*


The next generation of hay fever treatment

The new Prevalinimmediately gets to the root of the problem, lining the inside of the nose and defusing pollen before you develop full-blown symptoms. When asked, 7 out of 10 people prefer Prevalinto their current hay fever treatment for its superior efficacy.

Prevalin™ was developed with the ambition to offer a complete hay fever treatment to effectively relieve symptoms in the nose and eyes, without side effects.

Prevalin™ was designed to tackle the root cause of hay fever, the fact that pollen cause sensitised mast cells in the nasal mucosa to release histamines, which in turn triggers both primary (nasal) and secondary symptoms (eyes). A scientific invention enabled Prevalin™ to form a stable and impermeable microgel in the nasal area, blocking the allergens from irritating the nasal mucosa and causing symptoms.

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Who is Prevalin™ for?

Prevalin™ brings relief to everyone suffering from significant hay fever symptoms which impact their performance (at work/school/as mothers) and disrupt their social activities and plans.

Prevalin™ is particularly interesting for people who are seeking an alternative to traditional antihistamine products and want to limit the use of corticosteroids. Within that, Prevalin™ is particularly relevant for use by the following population groups:

1. Children from 6 years old (Prevalin for kids)
2. Pregnant women
3. Breastfeeding women
4. Sports people, professional athletes

How it Works

Prevalin™: Clinically proven to be effective

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