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Prevalin Allergy

The next generation of hay fever treatment




Starts to act 5 times faster than hay-fever tablets*

Prevalin™ Allergy  starts to act 5 x faster than traditional hay fever tablets and reduces allergic rhinitis symptoms within 3 minutes. Prevalin™ is a thixotropic nasal spray that is a gel at rest that becomes a fine mist when shaken. This mist lines the inner surface of the nasal cavity, where it resettles as a stable impermeable barrier (within 3 minutes). The barrier prevents contact of the allergen with the nasal mucosa and is effective in preventing allergic reactions.

  • PrevalinAllergy is free of medication – therefore it contains no antihistamines, corticosteroids or decongestants
  • It does not cause rebound effects and can be used prophylactically (to prevent allergies)

*Data on file

Who is Prevalin™ Allergy for?

Prevalin™ Allergy brings relief to everyone suffering from hay fever symptoms which impact their their lives, their performance (at work/school/as mothers) and disrupts their social activities and plans.

Prevalin™ Allergy is ideal for sufferers looking an effective alternative to traditional antihistamines or nasal corticosteriods or sufferers who would like to achieve effective allergy relief without the side effects.

Prevalin™ Allergy is also suitable for :
1. Pregnant and breastfeeding women
2. Sports people, professional athletes

Do not use Prevalin™ Allergy if you are allergic to sesame seeds or sesame seed oil.


How it Works:

Clinically proven:

  • Prevalin™ Allergy is effective in reducing allergy symptoms in 3 minutes
  • Starts to act 5 times faster than hay-fever tablets


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