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Children & warts

Children are often plagued with warts.

Folklore attributes warts to touching frogs or toads. This is a myth. Warts are transferred through skin to skin contact. Don’t worry when your kid gets a wart, they are extremely common & over 75% of children develop them at some point in their childhood.


Here are the facts on warts that every parent should know.feet

They can affect people at any age, but are most common among children.

They  are most prevalent in children between the ages of 12 and 16.

They thrive in a warm moist environment such as showers, bathrooms, around swimming pools.

They are extremely contagious, but are typically harmless.

They can go away on their own but some warts usually require cryotherapy to remove them as they penetrate deep into the skin. 


While medically harmless, warts can be uncomfortable and can cause some embarrassment. Warts are easily treated and so there is no need to worry that you will  be suck with it for life.

As a parent, it’s important to that you & your kids know to to prevent warts and that they don’t pick or scratch them. This may cause the virus to spread, making it more difficult to treat. 


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Interesting facts about warts

Did you know?

There are over 70 different strains of the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV).  The HP virus causes an overproduction of Keratin in the epidermis of the skin. This Keratin is responsible for the rough and hard texture of a wart.

Common Warts

These viruses exist naturally on the human skin, but if a person’s immune system is weakened, they can become susceptible to contracting the HPV virus.

Always keep a close eye on a wart. If it starts bleeding, becomes painful, or grows alarmingly fast and big, consult a doctor as soon as possible.

Warts are extremely contagious and can spread through direct contact to other parts of the body, or other people. Watch children carefully, as they sometimes bite their warts, which means that it will most likely spread around their mouths too. So, therefore what we’re trying to say is that’s it’s best to treat warts and verruca’s as soon as they appear, as they can grow fairly large, very quickly, and may even spread to become a cluster of warts.

wartner pack

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Cryotherapy: The Perfect Wart Removal Technique

Cryosurgery dates back to the 19th century where it was used for pain control and cancerous lesion removal 1.Types of cryotherapy

In those days cryotherapy used liquid air 2 or carbon dioxide 3.Today, we use liquid nitrogen or over the counter (OTC) mixtures like dimethyl ether propane (DMEP) or dimethyl ether butane.


One of the initial methods of applying cryotherapy to skin lesions was cotton buds. Later this was replaced with gas sprays or cryo-probes that allow greater contact of the mixture to the skin lesion. Today, doctors have all these options available to them.


Cryotherapy is mainly used to remove skin lesions/ growths: warts, skin tags or solar keratosis.


Cryotherapy is often the doctors’ method of choice.


There are other wart removal treatments available, like chemical treatments, cautery or laser surgery but these treatment options can be extremely uncomfortable and can damage the surrounding tissue.

It is less invasive, has a low risk of scarring, and requires less patient compliance.

Patients prefer to use cryotherapy as it is cost effective, convenient and requires fewer treatments.



Wartner6Cryotherapy causes tissue destruction which aids in removal of skin lesions. Tissue destruction usually takes place around -50 degrees Celsius but the greater the temperature; the greater the tissue destruction.


Liquid nitrogen reaches the lowest temperature on the market: a frightening -196 degrees Celsius. Wartner; containing Dimethyl Ether Propane reaches a temperature of -57 degrees Celsius. Although there is a large difference in this temperature, Wartner is effectively able to remove warts.


Wartner is the coldest OTC product on the South African market and is able to reach this temperature after a minimal 20 seconds.  This gives Wartner the best cryogenic properties on the market and the most optimum treatment time.


Wartner enables you to use the Doctors Preferred Method but at the comfort of your own home.



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